Dyffryn Gardens in Summer

A garden of wildflowers at Dyffryn Gardens

My annual visit to Dyffryn Gardens took place a couple of weeks ago and it’s looking as pretty as ever. All the flowers were in bloom, and the wild flowers (above) and the restored Italian gardens were especially lovely this year.

Red, blue and purple seemed to be the dominant flower colours this year, and there was more of an emphasis on wild, natural looking displays as opposed to rigidly planted flower beds.

A pink and white flower at Dyffryn Gardens

One new addition to the gardens is a couple of very cute pigs. I was lucky enough to catch the pair at feeding time (they’re fed every day at 3pm) and they were very boisterous chasing each other around and impatiently playing with a red plastic bowl as they waited to be fed.

Two muddy pigs at Dyffryn Gardens


Dyffryn Gardens, St Nicholas, Vale of Glamorgan CF5 6SU
Adults £9.90, Children £4.95



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